We wish you a nice and happy merchants’ weekend !

Happy merchants’ weekend !
Happy Week end Iceland

… or gleðilega verslunarmannahelgi, as we say around here! (Yes, it is quite a mouthful). This long weekend started as a small holiday for shopkeepers and merchants, but has slowly transformed into the summer’s biggest camping and festival weekend.

If you are in Iceland we suggest you do as the locals do: leave for a road trip to some nice campsite in the Icelandic countryside. If you are looking for a bit of culture and fun along with the nature, you might enjoy attending one of the many festivals: from the Herring Adventure in Siglufjorður, to the family-friendly Ein með öllu in Akureyri, to Innipukinn, a music festival taking place in various venues in Reykjavik, this weekend Iceland hosts events for all tastes.

Amidst all this fun, do not forget to do your food shopping before Monday 3rd, as most shops and supermarkets will be closed on that day. Our office, too, will be closed on Monday, so we won’t be able to accommodate any last-minute guests and walk-in. If you have already booked your equipment and received the code, fear not: even if it is a holiday, you will find you gear waiting for you in the 24/7 room :)

Have a great weekend!