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When are you open?
We are open every day from 9:00 to 17:00 during the camping season in Iceland
1 May - 30 September:  9:00 - 17:00 every day
1 Oct - 30 Apr: Open most days 10:00-14:00 | Pick up always possible 24/7 with 15-24 hours notice | Contact us for details. 
Where can pick up/drop-off my order 24/7 ?
Pick up and drop-off for rentals is available 24/7 all year round.
We have a room that is accessible with a code that will be provided to you 15-24 hours after completing your order with 24/7 room service.
Cancellation of your order - full refund minus 15 euros cancellation fees 
If you change your mind, you can cancel for any reasons up to 3 days before the pick-up day itself and we will refund your order/item minus 15 euros cancellation fees in all cases of any cancellation made. In case of a cancellation made within those 3 days before the pick-up day itself, 50% of the amount will be refunded. No refund when the cancellation is made on the original pick-up day or on the days after the original pick-up day, incl. as well cancellation made of an order when the original rental period was moved into the future on the original pick-up day or later. Cancellation of an order is NOT possible online through our website or over the phone, only by email to:
All contacts with our customers regarding orders, cancelllations, refund etc are with emails, not over the phone
No refunds on early drop-offs.
Why haven't I gotten a response for the email I sent?
We send a response to every email that we receive. If you haven't received a reply yet, you will shortly.
We receive dozens of emails every day and we try our best to answer as fast as possible. In rare cases, it is possible that you have to wait up to 48h to get an answer. We are sincerely sorry for this delay.
How can I be sure that the equipment I need will be available?
We have a huge quantity of each product in stock and there is no problem to get the product you want at any time. If by any weird happenstance we do not have the product you have requested available, we will alert you right after your order is made, immediately refund you and work with you to find a suitable alternative.
Do you ask for a deposit or additional fees along with the rental?
Once you order has been placed, there are no extra fees.
We do not ask for a deposit, we put our trust with our customers :)


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Website & Order


How long in advance should I book the equipment?
It is best that you place your order with 48 hours notice or by just coming to our store during opening hours.
What is your privacy policy?
Any personal information you give us (name, address, email, etc.) will never be given to anyone. We do not share it, sell it or use it for any other purposes than contacting you about your order.
How can I be sure that the online payment is secure?
Our website uses TLS 1.2 and our e-commerce platform is PCI Compliant (PCI DSS).
All credit card information is processed by SaltPay and we never receive access to them.
What exchange rate do you use?
Our system only processes one currency, euros (EUR).
Prices indicated in dollars (USD) or Icelandic króna (ISK) are automatically updated and reflect the current exchange rate.
Are rental prices on the website and at the office the same?

Yes, they are, and always will be the same.
There is no price difference between ordering on the website or in person.

Can I rent gear for more than 21 days?
Yes, and we will even give you any extra days after the first 21 days for FREE, except the rental of a Wifi.
Just send us an email after you have placed your order, indicating that you would like to use the gear for longer. 
Do you accept bookings for groups?

We typically consider a group to be a booking that includes, for example, more than 3 tents and related equipment. If you are in charge of a group and want to book some equipment, please be in contact with us. We will give you further information related to group rental (pick up and drop off during opening hours and deposit). Please note that due to our structure and process we usually do not work with large groups because it disrupts our workflow. 

Do you have packages?

No, because one size does not fit all. We tried some years ago and figured out it was not working. Instead, we offer full flexibility on product choices. Please contact us if you need any help to choose your equipment.

There is one exception to this: if you hire a car through our website from Enterprise you are able to get a premium camping package during the rental time of the car.

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About our products


Are your products adapted for Icelandic conditions?
We at Iceland Camping Equipment put a lot of efforts finding the right equipment suitable for Iceland. We only choose internationally trusted brands such as Vango, Coleman, Primus, Olympus, GoPro etc. We are camping and hiking enthusiasts, and therefore have personally tested all the products we provide in Icelandic conditions. We want you to have quality equipment for your trip around Iceland to be able to enjoy it fully.
Can you give me more information on your products?
We try to provide as much useful information as possible about our equipment to help you chose the items that suit you best for your trip around Iceland. However, if you have any further questions, please contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions as quickly and completely as possible.
I cannot find a product that I would like to rent
If you need something that is not on our website, please contact us and we will do our best to find a solution for you.

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Pick-up/drop-off info:


I am arriving early/late in Iceland, can I still pick up my equipment?
Yes, you can.
We have a room that you can access your order 24/7 with 15-24 hours notice. Notice the small fee at the check-out for the service.
Just let us know that you would like to pick up your order outside regular hours and we will provide you with an access code.
We always need approx. 15-24 hours to prepare your order when ordering during the winter months with limited opening times or after store closing hours 5 pm during the summer. No service over the phone in relation to pick-up service.
If ordering late in the afternoon/evening the pick-up will always be the day after.
How do I reach your office from the Keflavik airport?
Our office is located in the center of Reykjavik. You can find our address and a map on this page. It will take you about 50 minutes to drive from the airport to our office. 
Where can I park to pick up my equipment?
When you arrive, you can park around BSÍ Bus Terminal where we are located.
Can I pick-up or drop-off anywhere else than your Reykjavik office?
Unfortunately no. Our office is located in Reykjavik and we do not have any other locations.
Is there a penalty fee if I am dropping off late?:

If you drop off your rental after the last rental day there is no penalty fee, but you need to pay for the additional day(s) at the store when dropping off.
If you would like to extend your rental beyond your initial order, please contact us by email, not over the phone.


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Camping in Iceland


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Iceland camping map

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