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Terms and Conditions - Terms of Use

The Iceland-Camping-Equipment.com web site is owned and operated by Front Stjórnun & Ráðgjöf ehf, a company established in Reykjavik, Iceland. The information on this website is intended to furnish users with general information about Iceland-Camping-Equipment.com

Information on this website is provided "as is", with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy or timeliness, and without warranties of any kind, express or implied. To the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law, Iceland-camping-equipment.com disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

The customer is responsible for reviewing these terms and conditions. An order through our website acknowledge compliance and agreement to the all these terms.

All rentals are subject to the following terms and conditions. Please review thoroughly before placing your order.

START DATE: The desired starting date submitted with your rental order should be the day you will come to pick up the gear in Reykjavik.  

END DATE: The desired end date submitted with your rental order should be the day you will come to drop-off the gear at our office in Reykjavik.  

RENTAL LENGTH: The rental length is the total length you are renting the gear, from start date to end date.

LATE CHARGES: If you do not deliver the gear by your required Drop-off Date, late fees will be assessed at the daily rate. (prices for X days late + 10 Euros administrative fees)

PRICES: Prices on the website are in Euros, you can change the currencies on the right panel of the website. But be aware that the exchange rate used for conversion is only an indication. Unfortunately we can not have a live update on these exchange rates. You will be charged in Euros by Paypal, so there will be some difference compared to the price in US dollars or Icelandic Krona for example.

CLEANING: We will clean and disinfect all gear before delivery to you. You must return the gear to us free of mud and heavy dirt. Ideally, the gear must be dry before dropping off to us. If not, then, please let us know to avoid mildew or mold, the presence of which would result in charges against your deposit for repair or replacement.

DAMAGES: Our rental rate assumes a limited amount of wear which may occur with a rental use. However, rips, tears, excessive dirt or stains, mildew, or missing parts noted upon return will result in charges against your deposit for repair or replacement.

LOSS/THEFT/NON-RETURN: You are responsible for the gear at all times between pick-up and drop-off to our office.

LIABILITY: You recognize and acknowledge that outdoor activities such as hiking and cooking with fire can be inherently dangerous and unpredictable. Iceland-camping-equipment.com is not responsible for any accidents that may arise from your activity or use of our gear, and you hereby agree to indemnify us from any claims, charges or costs arising from your use of our gear or any related activities.

While we will provide you gear as described in our product descriptions, we do not expressly or otherwise guarantee or warrant the gear for any specific performance or purpose other than as it is described. If any item of gear malfunctions or otherwise fails to perform its described functions, our maximum liability to you is the rental value paid for the item.

Please note that Icelandic weather is unpredictable and that even in the summer it can be really cold with negative temperature, snow and extremely windy.
The products we rent are meant to be used in “normal” weather. In case of heavy weather condition, you should go and stay inside a building or you car. Our products do not stand heavy weather conditions. In case you plan to travel in winter, visit the center of Iceland, or plan to stay outside in heavy weather condition, you should not rent our products. You should instead buy really good equipment before your departure and read some advices and reviews of products on Internet to ensure that your equipment will suits your activities and weather conditions.

GENERAL PROVISIONS: Icelandic law applies to agreements made on the basis of the terms cited above and below. This includes any claims for compensation that might be made. This applies both to the basis for and the calculation of compensation. The same applies to claims for damages based on liability outside this agreement. If legal disputes arise concerning this lease agreement, it will be before the lessor’s legal venue.

It should be pointed out that disputes between the parties to this lease agreement can be submitted to the active Arbitration committee of the Icelandic Consumers Association and the Icelandic Travel Industry Association.

Additions and amendments to the conditions and provisions of the lease agreement shall be made in writing.

RESERVATION REQUIREMENTS: Your order should be placed as far in advance of your Start Date as possible to ensure availability and best selection of gear. At certain times, inventory may not be available for your desired Start Date. You will be contacted if your Order cannot be accepted due to prior inventory commitments or other reasons. Alternative products or dates can be discussed with you at that time. Contact us for special requirements.


We offer a cancellation up to the last 3 days before the pick-up day itself, where we will refund your order/item minus 15 euros cancellation fees in all cases in any cancellation made.

In case of a cancellation made within those 3 days before the pick-up day itself, 50% of the amount will be refunded.

No refund when the cancellation is made on the original pick-up day or on the days after the original pick-up day, incl. as well cancellation made of an order when the original rental period was moved into the future on the original pick-up day or later in time.

Cancellation of an order is NOT possible online through our website or over the phone, only by email to: info@iceland-camping-equipment.com

No refunds on early drop-offs. 

We reserve us the right to cancel any order for any reasons at anytime. No claims for compensation can be made but of course we will refund 100% of the order amount.

RENTAL CARS & the Premium Camping Package: See terms at the Rental cars page on our website in relation to the right to rent the Premium Camping Package with rental cars. All terms, conditions and insurances regarding the cars, if you book the car through our website, will be part of the Enterprise terms and conditions between you and Enterprise Rental-Car directly without any involvement from Iceland Camping Equipment.

The Premium Camping Package: All the items in the Premium Camping Package are for rent and have to be dropped off to our facility before you will return the car to Enterprise.

The Premium Camping Package is offered by Iceland Camping Equipment and Enterprise has nothing to do with the camping gear in any circumstances.

The rented car from Enterprise is between you and Enterprise directly and Iceland Camping Equipment has nothing to do with the rental agreement or the car in any circumstances.

The Camping Package items are assumed NOT drop-off if it goes with the car to Enterprise at the end of the rental period.

The number of rental days/nights for the Premium Camping Package will always need to be the same as the rental period for the car from Enterprise or shorter period. Longer rental period for the Camping Package than the rental period for the Enterprise car is based on normal prices on our website.

The Premium Camping Package is a standard package and you are not able to swap the included items for something else.

To activate the Premium Camping Package you need to send us an email with the customer invoice from Enterprise when you do receive that from Enterprise, the same day or the day after the latest.

After we send you the pending order for the Package you need to pay with your card within 2 day the amount to us according to our payment instructions.

The right to rent the Premium Camping Package expires 3 days / 2 nights before your car rental period ends at Enterprise.

You must ensure that on return the camping equipment is in good condition otherwise you have to cover the damage at drop-off according to our general terms.

PRIVACY POLICY: At Iceland-camping-equipment.com, protecting your privacy is very important to us. We treat personal information with the highest respect.
You can visit the Iceland-camping-equipment.com website and find out about our services and access other information without providing any personal information. Iceland-camping-equipment.com collects personal information when it is voluntarily submitted by clients or visitors. This information is used by Iceland-camping-equipment.com to process orders. Personal information you provide online is not disclosed to external organizations.

LINKS: Our website may contain links to other websites. Please be aware that Iceland-camping-equipment.com is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of other Web sites.

CHANGES TO THESE TERMS and CONDITIONS: Iceland-camping-equipment.com reserves the right to modify or enhance these terms and conditions or any information at anytime. Changes are effective immediately upon posting to this site. The valid version is the one you will be able to see online and any updates will be visible on our website.