Rental Cars

Car Rental

In cooperation with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Iceland, you can rent cars from small to large with several options for pick-up and drop-off locations.

Choose your car here below!

You will be eligible for a coupon that is 7% of your car rental amount that you can use as a down payment for rental equipment.



You rent camping equipment for 150 euros

Your car of choice for your period could cost you 335 euros (calculated from the ISK rental amount)

You get 23 euros repaid (7% x 335 euros) of your 150 euro payment on the camping equipment from Iceland Camping Equipment

Giving you a 15% discount on your camping rental and a net payment of 127 euros ( in this example )


How to use your coupon:

1. Rent camping equipment from our website and pay the regular amount with your card.

2. Send us your Enterprise car pick-up confirmation, the rental amount and the rental period, via email.

3. When your camping equipment rental is finished you will receive 7% of the car rental amount as down payment/refund for your camping equipment from Iceland Camping Equipment.



The coupon only applies for the rental items from Iceland Camping Equipment and not items for sale.

Coupon expires at the end of your camping equipment rental period.

You must ensure that on return the camping equipment is in good condition otherwise your coupon will be revoked.

The refund amount can never be higher than the initial rental amount for your camping equipment.