Self-Driving Tour

Self-Driving Tour

In cooperation with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Iceland, you can rent cars from small to large with two options for pick-up and drop-off locations (see below).

Hiring an Enterprise car through our website will give you the option to rent our Self-Drive Tour Premium Camping Package, which will cover all your camping gear needs for your stay in Iceland. 

Hiring a car from Enterprise & renting the Premium Camping Package from Iceland Camping Equipment will give you up to 50% discount on your camping equipment rental, which is more than 300 euros for 9 days rental.

You can pay for both the car and the camping equipment on arrival.

See below for detailed information about the Premium Camping Package.

You can also find ideas and inspiration for your Self-Driving Tour around Iceland in one of our customer blog posts - A GUIDE TO CAMPING IN ICELAND.

The Self-Drive Tour Premium Camping Package:

The package includes the following items:

- Map of Iceland, Car GPS, 2-3 person tent, 2 synthetic sleeping bags + liners, 2 self-inflating mattresses (5cm), 2 blankets, stove + 220g of gas, kettle, coffee press, 2 pots, and dishes, cutlery and cups for 2 people


The Prices for the Self-Drive Tours Premium Camping Package:

3 days / 2 nights = 130 euros

4 days / 3 nights = 160 euros

5 days / 4 nights = 190 euros

6 days / 5 nights = 220 euros

7 days / 6 nights = 250 euros 

8 days / 7 nights = 280 euros

9 days / 8 nights = 310 euros

10 days / 9 nights = 340 euros

11 days / 10 nights = 370 euros 

The prices listed above give you a 50% discount from our regular prices.

From 12 days / 11 nights until 21 days / 20 nights we will add 20 euros every day/night

If you are a group of 4 people you can get the double Premium Camping Package with your car from Enterprise for double the price above, but you will only get 1 car GPS, road map, stove + 220g gas, coffee press and kettle for each rental car. You can also get a 4 person tent if you want instead of two 2-3 person tents. 

Just make sure that all the camping gear that you are getting will fit into the car that you will hire from Enterprise.

The needed equipment for the 3rd, 5th person or more is based on our normal prices from our website.


How to book and pick-up/drop-off for the Self-Drive Tours Premium Camping Package:
  1. Rent/book your car from Enterprise through our website (see selection of cars below). You can pay for the car upon arrival.
  2. Send us an email with your customer confirmation from Enterprise confirming the booking channel through our website, rental period and rental amount etc.
  3. Based on the info from Enterprise we will book the Camping Package for you and send you the pending order with included items.
  4. Show us the signed pick-up/rental agreement with Enterprise when you pick-up the gear at the store or by email if you are picking up outside the store opening hours.


Notice - Very important:

After picking up the car at Enterprise location you need to pick-up the Premium Camping Package at Iceland Camping Equipment store/facility in Reykjavik and drop-off the Camping items to the same location after your trip before you finally drop-off the car at Enterprise. The facility of Enterprise and Iceland Camping Equipment is not the same.



All the items in the Premium Camping Package are for rent and have to be dropped off to our facility before you return the car to Enterprise.

The Premium Camping Package is offered by Iceland Camping Equipment and Enterprise has nothing to do with the camping gear in any circumstances.

The rented car from Enterprise is between you and Enterprise directly and Iceland Camping Equipment has nothing to do with the rental agreement or the car in any circumstances.

The camping items are NOT considered dropped-off if they go with the car to Enterprise at the end of the rental period instead of being brought back to our location.

The number of rental days/nights for the Premium Camping Package will always need to be the same as the the rental period for the car from Enterprise (or a shorter period). Longer rental period for the Camping Package than the rental period for the Enterprise car is based on normal prices on our website.

The Premium Camping Package is a standard package and you are not able to swap the included items for something else.

To activate the Premium Camping Package you need to send us an email with the customer confirmation info from Enterprise when you do receive that from Enterprise, the same day or the day after the latest.

After we send you the pending order for the package you need to confirm the rental period and confirm the outstanding amount.

The right to rent the Premium Camping Package expires 3 days / 2 nights before your car rental period ends at Enterprise.

You must ensure that on return the camping equipment is in good condition - otherwise you have to cover the damage at drop-off according to our general terms.

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