Camping in Iceland - How to rent

Iceland shop camping rental1: Order on this website 

- Choose and add to the cart the equipment you want 
- On the cart page you will be able to enter your arrival and departure date
- You will be redirected to the secured payment page where you can pay with your VISA or MASTERCARD

 Camping gear Iceland
2: Pick up your equipment 24/7 

- Your order will be ready at the requested date at our office, downtown Reykjavik 
- Our address is Vatnsmyrarvegur 10 (BSÍ Bus Terminal), 101 Reykjavik - Iceland
- You can choose 24/7 pick-up at your check-out. We will send you an access code so that you can pick up your gear anytime with 15-24 hours notice

3: Enjoy your camping trip in Iceland !

-  We wish you a pleasant journey in Iceland :)
- Being well equipped will make your Iceland holiday enjoyable, fun and memorable 

September Iceland camping end season
4: Drop off your equipment 24/7

- When you come back to Reykjavik, you drop off the gear at our office.
- Before you leave, we wish you a safe trip back and hope to see you again :)