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There’s no stopping from letting one’s mind wander and dream about things to look forward to do, when the time is right to travel again. Eliza Reid, the First Lady of Iceland, agreed to share her dream list of things to do in Iceland – which can maybe be an inspiration to someone planning one’s next journey. 

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Eurovision cancelled but Think about Things gone viral 

Even though the Eurovision song contest was cancelled this year, many countries and Eurovision fan sites are throwing mini competitions and voting their own favourite. Iceland's contribution Think about Things has gone viral, and some even claim that it would have won the official competition this year. We'll never know that. A small consolation though, at least to Icelandic fans, is that Daði & Gagnamagnið have been crowned winners in f.ex. SVT's Eurovision, Austria's Kleine Song Contest and XTRA VOTE 2020. Further to that, the song has received wide recognition around the globe with millions of views.
Iceland to open to tourists on June 15 (with restrictions)
The Government of Iceland has of May 12 announced that it expects to start easing restrictions on international arrivals no later than June 15. The exact details of the revisions will be announced soon, however it is expected that travelers will be given the choice between a test for the virus on arrival or a two-week quarantine. Read more
The unexpected philosophy Icelanders live by
With generations of hardships such as formidable weather, poverty and volcanic eruptions, Icelanders have learned to adopt the resilient Icelandic outlook of "þetta reddast", which shows that sometimes, it’s better to let go and look positively towards the future. Read more in this article on BBC Travel
Stay calm with free waterfall photos
Gunnar freyr
The thrilling feeling of chasing waterfalls may be off the table for most as large parts of the world continue to hunker down, but Hotel Rangá in Iceland is hoping to help you do just that - digitally, that is. Check it out 
Hafþór Júlíus Game of Thrones actor breaks deadlift record
Icelandic Game of Thrones actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (a.k.a. the Mountain) set a world dead-lifting record on May 2, by lifting 501 kg (1,104 lb). The earlier record was held by Eddie Hall from The UK, who in the year 2016 became the first man to lift 500 kg. See more here
Check out Film in Iceland on social media
Icelandic scenery and expert production service crews in Iceland have played an important role in major films and TV programs, e.g. Game of Thrones, The Fate of the Furious, Promotheus, and several others. See what´s happening behind the scenes on social media:
Reasons to keep Iceland on the list when the world opens for travel again

The Icelandic tour company Iceland Travel has enlisted 10 reasons why one should think of Iceland once people start traveling again. Or as it is portrayed on their blog: "Because let’s face it, open roads, amazing vistas, and stunning attractions..." Read more 
Your safety first at Keflavik airport

Keflavik Airport, has been working closely with the Directorate of Health in Iceland, the Civil Protection Department and the Chief Epidemiologist to respond to the spread of Covid-19. To limit the risk of infection at Keflavik Airport and other airports operated by Isavia various action has been taken. Read more
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