Download the Most Detailed List of Campsites Around Iceland

List of camping around Iceland!
Camping ground Iceland

Are you planning a camping trip in Iceland this summer and you are not yet sure about where to stop to sleep during your journeys? 
Are you confounded by the mere thought of 170+ campsites to choose among? Then you should definitely visit this page that has the 2019 Aning Guide!

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This handy guide with maps features a comprehensive and updated list of hotels, guesthouses as well as campsites around the country. Pick up a copy, free of charge, in tourist information offices in Iceland, to find out where the nearest camping ground is. The guide also includes useful information on which services are available in each accommodation. Last but not least, Áning also lists all the major swimming pools in the country, so that you too will be able to feel like a real Icelander by taking part in the favorite national pastime: chilling (or warming up, depending on the weather!) at the pool.  

If you are planning to camp this summer, this is the most comprehensive guide of Icelandic campsites available – although it is in no way exhaustive, as there are even more camping grounds around Iceland than are listed in the guide, most of them just waiting to be discovered by enthusiastic travelers during their Icelandic adventure.