The sound of Reykjavik !

Music in Reykjavik

If you are familiar with popular Icelandic artists like Björk, Sigur Rós and Of Monsters and Men, you might be led to believe that all Icelanders listen to alternative, experimental music.
As a matter of fact, Icelanders have much more eclectic (and possibly more conventional) music tastes: the most popular songs at a given time will include examples of Icelandic rap, Icelandic reggae (oh, yes: with at least a couple of very famous local bands, this Nordic reinterpretation of reggae definitely is a popular genre), and traditional pop ballads.

Curious to hear some of these tracks? Then have a look at what music the people of Reykjavik listen to on music streaming website Spotify. Spotify’s “top track” service is, as a matter of fact, quite sophisticated: to find the hottest tracks in a given place, Spotify starts by removing all the songs that, at any given moment, are heavily played worldwide. So when you look up the top tracks in a city – say, your hometown - you will see a list of songs that are big among your fellow citizens, but are not popular everywhere. In other words, what you are left with is the true music flavour of a place.

Check out what the natives listen to, you might discover the next hot name in music!
Is the sound of Reykjavik what you imagined?