Happy 5th camping season to us!

Happy Camping Iceland

Summer officially started few days ago (and the weather gods seem to have taken the cue!), and we are now happy to announce that the Icelandic camping season is back on! (Picture the whole Iceland Camping Equipment crew celebrating with funny hats and confetti).

We just love camping season. For us it means sunny evenings spent hiking, trips to the silence of the countryside, and above all plenty of new stories, experiences and memories from old and new customers. We cannot wait for a new summer to begin!

And to think that only five short years ago we were just a bright new thing, a small company taking its first little steps. Over 8700 happy customers later, we can’t believe it’s only/already been five years! (Time can confuse you this way). So let’s toast, to a summer that will bring us unforgettable memories, and to the next five years! (Add a bottle of champagne to the image of us celebrating).

After all this fun, some important info for all those planning an amazing 2016 Icelandic vacation: the new edition of Áning is out! Go get your free copy, check out the latest listings of accommodations, campsites and swimming pools in Iceland, and start planning your perfect summer holiday.