Should I bring cooking equipment on my camping trip?

Cooking Stove Iceland

Many of our customers come to us with questions about the kind of equipment they should bring along during their camping trips in Iceland. One of the most frequently asked questions regards cooking equipment: is it necessary, or just extra weight? By bringing it will you save a lot of money - or just waste a lot of time?

Not all campers wish to cook their own meals during their camping trip. We are, however, ready to bet that any camper will be tempted by a cup of hot tea or chocolate after a long hike in the Icelandic nature ;-)

If you are considering cooking during your camping trip and are unsure about what to bring, we advise you start by thinking about what kind of trip you are planning.

Which stove?

Are you planning to stay on Road 1 and eat mostly at restaurants and gas stations, and maybe boil some coffee for breakfast or a cup of soup once or twice? Then you might be fine with just a small stove with a little gas bottle. With 100g gas you are set for 2-3 days, even longer if you limit yourself to heating up water for breakfast.
If you expect to cook a few times during your trip, or are planning to use the stove for more than 2-3 days, you may want to go for a slightly larger bottle, just to be sure you do not run out of gas. But do not let the fear of finishing the fuel trouble you too much: when you rent our small stoves, you will be able to buy compatible replacement cartridges in many local gas stations all around the country.

If you are planning to travel for over a week, maybe cooking regular meals for two people or more, we recommend you consider taking a larger stove. Although heavier, this stove is also sturdier, so it’s perfect for bigger pots. It also comes with enough gas to last you up to a couple of weeks (depending on usage, temperature and wind conditions).

Pots and pans

If you are going to cook, pots and pans are pretty essential gear :-) Camping cook sets come in few sizes. If you are alone or with a companion, or want to travel light, you might be content with a smaller cooking set; if, however, you are a larger group or are planning to cook considerably (and maybe impress everyone at the campsite with your cooking skills on-the-go), you may wish to go for a larger cooking set.

Just be aware that, although regular pans and pots work fine while camping, they are also much heavier than the cook sets which are made for camping – you might regret deciding to carry your favorite wok all the way from home!

Plates, cutlery and all that

Do you like to travel light, or in comfort? Some travelers wish to retain some luxury even while camping, and decide to consume their food in high-quality tableware, with cutlery just like you’d use at home. Others are all about convenience, and prefer to go for light-to-carry plastic plates and cutlery sets. Others again abandon all rules and eat straight from the can J

Which type are you?

Cooler or no cooler?

Let’s be honest: you do not really need a cooler while camping in Iceland. Summer nights are fresh, and unless you plan a long trip most of your stuff probably won’t go bad anyway. This said, the thought of a cold beer while at the campsite might still sound too tempting for even the best of us to resist ;-)

Are your ideas clearer? If you still need help deciding what to bring do not hesitate to contact us!