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Reykjavik like a native: 5 experiences you can’t miss

October 16, 2015

Reykjavik Church

Reykjavik, like the whole of Iceland, is getting more and more popular, and as a consequence made-for-tourists posts are popping up left and right.
As a result, we often get questions about how to get a genuine experience of Icelandic life. Around two thirds of the Icelandic population lives in the greater Reykjavik area – but where do these locals go?
We have compiled a short list where you can meet the Reykja-vikings. If you have a free afternoon in Reykjavik, this is where you should head...

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    Food, entertainment and some culture in Reykjavik

    August 20, 2015

    Food Fun Reykjavik

    On Saturday 22nd August 2015, Menningarnótt (Culture Night) will be held in Reykjavík for the 20th time.
    Despite the name, the Culture Night is not a stuffy event filled with lectures and conferences – all the opposite! The Culture Night is one of Reykjavik‘s biggest festivals, featuring many street entertainments, food stalls, concerts and celebrations all over town: in the streets, square, museums...

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    We wish you a nice and happy merchants’ weekend !

    August 01, 2015

    Happy Week end Iceland

    … or gleðilega verslunarmannahelgi, as we say around here! (Yes, it is quite a mouthful). This long weekend started as a small holiday for shopkeepers and merchants, but has slowly transformed into the summer’s biggest camping and festival weekend.

    If you are in Iceland we suggest you do as the locals do: leave...

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    3 ways to enjoy the Summer solstice night in Iceland

    June 21, 2015

    Iceland Summer Solstice

    It’s June 21, Midsummer (you might know it as summer solstice)! The longest day of the year - and in few places is the day as long as it is here in Iceland today: the “night” is going to last less than 3 hours!
    As our lovely island is situated so close to the Polar Circle, for few weeks every year we enjoy what is known as the midnight sun – that is, bright, long days, with the sun setting after midnight...

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    Dream wedding in Iceland - Congratulation !!

    June 10, 2015

    We are very happy for Leilah and James, who came to celebrate their dream wedding in Iceland earlier in May, and chose to rent some camping equipment from us during their stay...

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    It is June 1st ! opening date for camping in Iceland

    June 01, 2015

    Camping Opening dates

    We are joking, but only in part – we admit it, there is no real, official opening date for camping in Iceland. On the other hand, as of today...


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    Iceland Camping Equipment has moved !

    April 13, 2015

    Our shop

    – we are now in a new, central location in the heart of Reykjavik !

    We are glad to announce that our camping rental store is now located in a new, bright and spacious office in the Reykjavik city centre. Our new address is Barónsstígur 5, just around the corner from...

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    Welcome to Iceland Camping Equipment’s new website !

    March 30, 2015


    We at Iceland Camping Equipment, are happy to introduce the company’s new website! (Hint: you are on it now !)
    We are proud of our new online home – and not just because of the great pictures and cool graphics. Our new website is made....

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