Once upon a time, 10,000 customers ago…

10000 Happy customers

It feels like a long time ago when we had the crazy dream of moving to Iceland. In our dream, we would move to our favorite island, and open a shop to rent camping equipment to travelers, give advice and share the love for camping in the beautiful Icelandic wilderness.

Unlike most dreams, this one came true, in faraway 2011. Who would have thought that six years later we’d still be here, as excited and happy as the first day!

As our sixth camping season opens, we feel proud of what we have done and incredibly privileged at the thought of having met and served over 10,000 customers in the past six years (wow!). Of course, we are not just about looking back – summer is at the doors, and we are ready to roll once more!

Camping season is so amazing for us: we hear incredible stories, see the magic of Iceland in action in the eyes of visitors old and new (it appears that no one can visit the island only once: Iceland drives people back), and sometimes we manage to take some time for ourselves to hike, explore - and camp of course :)

So let’s celebrate our small company’s great accomplishment, and the beginning of a new fantastic summer. We are looking forward to meeting our next 10,000 customers and friends :)

If you are planning to join us on the island this summer, don’t forget to download the great 2017 edition of Áning. In this free (free!) magazine you can find the latest listings of accommodations, campsites and swimming pools in Iceland – all you need to plan your perfect holiday.