Birds of Iceland


It's always great hearing your stories and even better when you have pictures to show us. Els Wakefield told us about her trip around the Island and had some truly amazing pictures to show for it:


" I am a bird photographer from Tasmania, Australia and when I came to Iceland in July 2018, I rented a car so that I could travel at my own pace with the camping equipment. Camping in the Westfjords allowed me to stay for more than one day at the campsite in Latrabjarg in order to photograph the birds there along the cliff tops and on the spectacular stacks nearby. Arctic Terns breed there as well as Northern Fulmar, Black-legged Kittiwakes, Shags, Eurasian Golden Plover, Red-necked Phalaropes, Black-tailed Godwit, and Whimbrel. The campsite itself was probably too close to the Arctic Tern colony as it was difficult to walk from my tent to the bathroom without being dive bombed. I spent most of my time exploring the shore, watching the birds with eggs and chicks on the nest on the rocks and in the grasslands. There were no deadlines, no bus to catch, nobody to consider but myself and I had a feast!


At Arnarstapi I spent a whole day photographing the Puffins and Razorbills that were just below the cliffs, almost at arm’s length. It was difficult to tear myself away after taking hundreds of wonderful shots in the misty, soft light. Not far back along the coast road, I found a small side road that led to a rocky cove at the base of a fiord where I managed to find a flat spot, pitch my small green tent, cook myself a meal and relax. I could see that in the mountains above it was misty and raining but down at the coast it was dry and relatively warm. There was no wind and I became aware of total silence and a wonderful stillness that I have rarely experienced.


I loved my time camping at other places around Iceland but these two spots really stood out. Being out in the open, close to the birds and at one with nature in Iceland was an unforgettable pleasure."

Els Wakefield