Melamine Tableware + Cutlery

Quality tableware and cutlery set which will give you the feel of your home tableware even when camping around Iceland.
The dishes are made of break-resistant melamine, which makes this set resistant and easy to clean. Melamine is the best camping dishware material in the opinion of many long-time campers.
The cutlery set is of the same quality as what you would use at home.

A high-quality tableware and cutlery set to eat in comfort and style even while camping.
Since the cutlery is made of metal,you can also use it for food preparation on your stove, as (unlike the plastic cutlery contained in our lighter Plastic Camping Set) you will be able to use it in hot water.
This set is sturdier than our Plastic Camping Set, and if you rent it chances are you won't miss your home cutlery and dishes.

Tableware Features

  • Suitable for 2 or 4 persons
  • Tableware set made of break-resistant melamine
  • stainless steel cutlery set
  • Large plates 24,5 cm ø
  • Side plates 17 cm ø
  • Bowls 17,5 cm ø
  • Mugs 20 cl

  • Come in a transport basket
  • forks, knives, spoons, tea-spoons




Data Sheet & Measures

    • Pack size: L 60 x H 40 x W 20 cm
    • 2 to 4 persons set
    • Weight: 1,5 kg
    • Fabric: Melamine dishes and stainless steel cutlery

About Vango

Vango cooking gear is the perfect brand choice for camping in Iceland. Developed and tested in the harsh and similar Scottish weather for more than 40 years, you will see it a lot in campsites in Iceland.

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