12V to 220V + USB - Car Power Inverter

Car charger for rent in Iceland
This functional charger connects to your car's 12 volt socket to convert the vehicle's battery power to current you can use to power all your favorite electronics. Easy, just plug in your device and it starts charging! You can use both USB and regular plugs.

A great solution for travelers in Iceland, especially for those planning to visit the most remote and wild parts of the country where it can be difficult to find an outlet. With this charger you will not need to worry about the risks of running out of battery. 

Keep your laptop, mobile, iPad and other devices powered and functional as you drive around Iceland!

Car Charger Features

  • Powerful and quality car charger
  • Converts 12V to 110V and 220V
  • On/off switch
  • Plug fits any European standard charger
  • Target voltage : 220V
  • Comes in a pouch
  • Output power : 150 W



 Data Sheet & Measures

    • Dimensions : L 26 x H 10 x W 17 cm
    • Power inverter 12V to 230 V
    • Weight: 1 kg
    • Output power : 150 W
    • Target Voltage : 220V

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