Aluminium Camping Mug - Iceland

A light and convenient cup, easy to store. The inner lining of the cup is made of food-approved polyetylene. The mug can be used for both cold and hot drinks. The handle is made of Delrin, an anti-burn material which will remain cool no matter how hot the contents of the mug are.

Freshen up during your journey with a warm tea or a refreshing sip of pure Icelandic water!

Mug Features

  • Aluminium Camping Mug
  • Inside made of food-approved polyetylene
  • Shaped heat resistant carry handle
  • Lightweight mug
  • Double wall for maximum insulation and minimum heat loss
  • Capacity : 0,2L

Data Sheet & Measures

    • Dimensions : H 9,5 cm
    • Aluminium Camping Mug
    • Capacity : 0,2L
    • Material : food-approved polyetylene
    • Weight: 0,08 kg

About Vango

Vango is the perfect brand choice for camping in Iceland. Developed and tested in the harsh and similar Scottish weather for more than 40 years, you will see it a lot in campsites in Iceland.

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