Walking Poles - Iceland

Poles for rent in Iceland
Our Vango trekking poles are ideal for walks and treks in Iceland.
The 3 section telescopic design has an easy-to-use length adjustment system and includes an anti-shock system that dampens vibrations. This system can be also be locked out to prevent movement if required.
When you rent this item you will receive a set of two trekking poles.

Hiking poles are a great item to have during hikes and treks around Iceland: they help maintain good balance, thus increasing your overall safety and comfort.
When you walk with a pair of hiking poles you are less likely to fall and injure your ankles, knees or back. Plus, you walk much more comfortably as the poles help you maintain the correct walking posture.
Experts say that when using hiking poles you switch to a 4x4 mode of driving, as you are using both your two legs and two hands to walk. The perfect motion system on uneven and rough tracks of Iceland!

Hiking Poles Features

  • 2 Telescopic walking pole 
  • Anti-shock system
  • Comes in a pair
  • 3 sections 
  • Soft touch webbing wrist strap
  • Made of T6061 alloy material
  • Grip: Bi-injected 2-tone rubber for improved grip
  • Wrist straps

Data Sheet & Measures

    • Pack size: H 74 cm
    • Pair of walking poles
    • Weight: 0,320 kg
    • Min-max length of the pole : 67-140 cm
    • Material : Aluminium

About Vango

Vango poles are the perfect choice for camping in Iceland. Developed and tested in the harsh and similar Scottish weather for more than 40 years, you will see it a lot in campsites in Iceland.

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