Stove + 1kg Gas - Iceland

Gas stove for rent in Iceland. The stove comes with a long-lasting gas bottle. The stove is easy to use and to carry, as it is equipped with a solid handle.
The stove burner is big and sturdy enough to handle large and heavy pots. The pot support also acts as a windshield, great to have in Iceland, and has drainage holes so that the flame will not blow out even if the pot boils over.

A practical and sturdy stove adapted to the weather conditions in Iceland.
Along with the stove burner, we supply a 1kg gas bottle. The bottle should last up to 1 or 2 weeks, depending on usage, altitude and temperature. If you run out of gas you can easily substitute the bottle in most gas stations around Iceland.

Gas Stove Features

  • Big burner
  • Long-lasting gas bottle (1-2 weeks for 2 people)
  • Easy to use
  • Cheaper than buying many small gas cartridges for a smaller stove
  • Fast boiling time
  • Carry-on metal handle
  • Manual ignition
  • Suitable for 2 persons up to small groups

Data Sheet & Measures

    • Dimensions: 22,5 x 9 cm + gas bottle
    • Weight with the 1kg bottle : approx. 5 kg
    • Effect: 2800 W
    • Boiling time: 6 min (1 liter)

Additional Information

Depending on the availability from our suppliers here in Iceland, we will provide you with gas or fuel from either Primus or Coleman.

About Primus

In Iceland, Primus is a well loved brand that has been globally recognized for pioneering outdoor cooking since 1892
Since then their innovative products have made countless expeditions, in Iceland and elsewhere, possible through outstanding quality and performance.

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