10L Fuel Jerrycan - Iceland

Rent fuel jerrycan in Iceland
If you are planning to spend time in the Icelandic Highlands, you might want to think about taking a fuel jerrycan with you. Bear in mind that there are no gas stations in the Highlands, and rental 4x4 cars can often consume more than you think!

A metal jerrycan which can contain up to 10L / 2.5 gallons of fuel. Ideal for travelers who plan to spend some time in the wild Highlands of Iceland.
However, if you plan to travel in other areas of Iceland, for example close to the main road No. 1 or in the West Fjords, you may not need a jerrycan, as you will find various petrol stations along the way.

Jerrycan Features

  • Steel fuel jerrycan
  • Capacity : 10L / 2.5 Gallon
  • Comes with flexible pouring spout
  • Suitable for use with petrol and oil
  • Strong carrying handle
  • Meets regulations for gasoline containers

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